How a Second Opinion Helped TJ Stay in the Game

A college lacrosse player, TJ discovered that he'd played his entire season with a torn tendon. TJ and his mom share how QualityCare Connect helped TJ get a second opinion from a world-class physician. After TJ's sports-related injury was repaired, he not only finished his college lacrosse career but also played professionally, all because TJ found the right doctor.

Meet TJ

TJ was a college student with a passion for lacrosse. He played the sport his whole life and was following his dreams to play at a college level.

The Challenge

During his freshman year at college, TJ played most of his lacrosse season with an injury he didn't know he had. The first specialist he saw recommended a risky surgery for his torn tendon that just didn't seem like the right choice for him.

The Solution

TJ and his family, uncomfortable with his proposed surgery, contacted QualityCare Connect to get matched to a specialist for a second opinion about his treatment plan and was able to receive cutting-edge treatment.

The Result

TJ had a successful lacrosse season his sophomore year with no issues to his ankle. He went on to play professional lacrosse with the Rochester Rattlers and has never felt stronger.

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