Minimally-invasive didn't seem like an option.

Michelle shares the story of her father's struggle finding specialists that fit his preferences.

SpecialtyCareConnect Helped Michelle's Father Navigate his Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Meet Michelle

Michelle's a loving daughter who is trying to get the best healthcare for her father.

The Challenge

Michelle's father was diagnosed with lung cancer. After complications during a surgery, he was skeptical about going back under the knife for lung surgery. His doctor was dismissive of his concerns.

The Solution

Michelle contacted SpecialtyCare Connect and was given three specialist matches for her father. Within two weeks the family was able to meet with a local specialist who practiced a minimally-invasive approach. Michelle and her father could relax, knowing no surgery was required for his treatment. 

The Result

Michelle's father avoided scarring and complications from surgery and is now cancer-free. He is able to spend more time with his daughter and receive continued care from the specialists he found through SpecialtyCare Connect.

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