Let's face it. Our healthcare system sucks.

How can you protect your healthcare consumers from falling down a rabbit hole of bad care or no care? How can you guarantee quality healthcare is provided by physicians?

Meet me at the upcoming AHIP or HLTH conferences and I'll explain how our solution...

  • finds high-quality specialists that have spent their careers focused on your member's condition
  • provides insight to alternative treatments and/or 2nd opinion visits with top specialists
  • does the leg work to find PCPs your members will love
  • gives you 100% confidence in the integrity of our recommendations
  • improves productivity of your call center advocates by 20% or more

...and does all this with a surprisingly affordable business model.

My name is Ted Pitynski and I work with employee-facing healthcare platforms and solutions to provide informed access for your members with help from ArmadaHealth's High Tech, Right Touch® approach to quality healthcare navigation.

Your members are underserved by physician directories and referral processes built for a legacy healthcare system. Turbocharge your cost transparency solutions with quality transparency and QualityCare ConnectSM.

We stop the insanity!

Imagine if your members had a team of clinical experts to guide them through the healthcare maze. Members receive the best possible care with objective, evidence-based physician recommendations. Leveraging our patent-pending AI solution that uses proprietary clinical definitions of quality for every subspecialty, we continually evaluate 900,000 U.S. physicians to define quality at the diagnosis level for every condition.

Fun Fact: Only 8% of all orthopaedic surgeons meet our "preferred" quality standards. 


Wouldn't it be great to fix these common healthcare problems?

  • Members using Google and social media to find doctors based on social reputation, not clinical expertise
  • Well-worn referral patterns that lead to poor outcomes
  • No assurance that specialists have diagnosis/condition-level expertise
  • Member frustration with finding in-network doctors that accept new patients
  • Poor member experiences resulting from delayed care and being unprepared for appointments
  • Lack of a comprehensive, customized communications plan
  • Overwhelmed care coordinators

Don’t let navigation challenges jeopardize healthcare quality and cost effectiveness. Give your members informed access with help from ArmadaHealth and see better outcomes and lower costs through more accurate referrals.

Partner with the leader.

Since 2005, ArmadaHealth has been the leader in physician recommendation intelligence. Being embedded in the leading national executive supplemental health plan, we’ve taken our focus on white glove consumer satisfaction (86 NPS), clinical navigation process expertise and applied cutting-edge technology, scaling to help millions of consumers.

Let’s get started. Contact me today.