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What Solutions Do You Have on Your Shelf?

My name is Steve Marin and I work with health plans and systems to provide referral technology that is personalized, objective, evidence-based and 100% guaranteed accurate to match member needs.

Why is the quality of your referrals important?

Guess how many subspecialties there are in pediatrics.

How about neurology?

(answers below)

Even beyond sub-specialty, there is another level of organic subspecialization more granular than anything you can Google or obtain from a consumer find-a-doc site. We call it the physician's Area of Clinical Focus (ACF). We studied practice patterns and developed a proprietary matching relevancy model of a physicians' clinical practice to a patient's needs which is available in various products to support your goals in achieving Value-Based Care arrangements.

Our solutions steer your members to the best doctor for their specific condition. 

Instantly provide access to high quality physicians in your networks by giving patients and members...

QualityCare Connect


Need a solution for your call center or care coordination?

We've coined the term Navigation-as-a-Service to describe our offering that enables your member-facing advocates to provide high quality recommendations at their fingertips.

Enable your advocates to spend more time helping more members giving you the ability to scale teams up or down with...

Leveraging our patent-pending physician-patient matching intelligence platform, S.I.E.N.A.® , and billions of data points from dozens of unique sources, we've defined a 360-degree view of quality for more than 900,000 recommendable U.S. MDs & DOs. 

Our solutions augment your provider directory.

Ever wish you had a single source of truth of your physicians' practices? Look no further. Our QualityCare Connect Enterprise Solutions are designed to leverage your networks and physician performance data to provide your organization and members access to physician quality transparency as a single source of truth.

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Wouldn't it be great to fix these common healthcare problems?

  • Members using Google and social media to find doctors based on social reputation, not clinical expertise and quality
  • An alternative to well-worn referral patterns that lead to poor outcomes
  • Sub-par (H)CAHPS & Star ratings due to the healthcare maze
  • No assurance that specialists have diagnosis/condition-level expertise
  • Member frustration with finding in-network doctors that accept new patients
  • Poor member experiences resulting from delayed care and being unprepared for appointments
  • Lack of a second opinion service...it's built in to QualityCare Connect.

ArmadaHealth’s genesis stems from being a value-add concierge service to a national supplemental health plan for executives (1,200 employer clients). We’ve been around since 2005 and taken our focus on consumer satisfaction, (including our 86 NPS), clinical navigation and process expertise and applied technology to scale to serve millions of consumers.

Have to get all this done yesterday? We got you.

Multiple Solutions for a Complex Problem 

QualityCare Connect requires minimal resources and time to get started.  I'd love to talk to you about our Our QC Navigator and QC Enterprise Solutions and the data science and proprietary quality algorithms that we've painstakingly defined for every physician, specialty, subspecialty and ACF.

Let's chat and I can explain how you can develop a single source of truth for high quality physicians referrals in your networks. Please download the e-book and I'll reach out to you or email me.