Need a new and unique way to provide value to your clients?

I'll let you in on a not-so-little secret.

Let's face it. People are frustrated with the healthcare system. Over 12 million adult patients receive an incorrect diagnosis each year1. Studies also show that more than half of all consumers2 are using social media referrals or other internet provider searches that do not consider clinical quality or proper credentialing.

Most consumers simply don’t have the time or experience to research specialists based on clinical training, medical expertise and documented success rates as it relates to their specific condition. This can take weeks, delaying treatment and adding unnecessary stress.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing benefit solution and process.

When you integrate Quality Care Connect® into your benefit offering, you bring an innovative solution to the healthcare access problem. You also benefit from our NPS of 86, demonstrating the value our members receive from using our service.


This gives our membership access to something they can’t get anywhere else. It creates loyalty and appreciation. Per click, it’s not that expensive and it’s something that’s value added and indispensable.
– Bart Oates, President, NFL Alumni Association and 3x Superbowl Champion


Your benefit will give members the right physician at the right time.

QualityCare Connect is designed to help members avoid the most devastating and costly concerns in healthcare today – over testing, the wrong treatment and medical errors. Your members want unbiased choices of the best specialists that are available and that’s what QualityCare Connect provides.

When a member needs a physician, they spend just a few minutes providing us with their information and preferences, and then our experienced Care Navigators take over doing the legwork. We search from over 900,000 PCPs and specialists in our system to find them the best ones for their unique needs. Then, before recommending the doctor, we contact each selected doctor and verify the accuracy of the doctor’s information, confirm insurance acceptance, verify appointment availability, and provide your member with details about what to bring to their appointment. We call this comprehensive approach High Tech, Right Touch.SM

Within just 1-2 business days, members will receive a packet of information about each matched doctor. They then can make an informed choice about their healthcare, trusting that they are choosing from quality physicians through a valuable benefit provided by partnering with your organization.

1 Advisory Board 2015 Specialty Referral Survey of 12,610 Consumers

2 Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare 2018,