Here’s what your employees really think about healthcare today. 

Today's consumers of healthcare are empowered, engaged and actively looking for information about the providers they see. But in order for them to find the right information and the right provider, they first need the right tool. Consumers simply can't make an informed choice about who the best provider is for their unique needs, and that's creating a lot of dissatisfaction about healthcare as a whole. 

When we recently surveyed 1,000 consumers across the country, we asked them to share their feelings and thoughts about the state of healthcare today.

Consumers are quickly learning that just because someone is a doctor, that doesn't mean that they are the right doctor for their unique condition or needs. And, that unfortunately results in dissatisfaction with their provider, misdiagnosis, and a lot of wasted healthcare spending. We heard all of these concerns directly from consumers during our latest survey.

The highlights from the survey are featured in this new infographic, which includes: 


          • Consumer sentiment about their current healthcare provider

          • What happens when people don't get the right healthcare at the right time

          • The impact of illness on attendance at work


The results from this survey just might surprise you. Request your copy today!