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I was scared to death when I learned that I had breast cancer again. When I called SpecialtyCare Connect, they were able to help me find not only my doctor for surgeries, but my great doctor at Johns Hopkins, who would do my chemotherapy and radiation. They also connected me to one of the top plastic surgeons in the country.  I feel fortunate that I was able to get the care that I got and that I am cancer-free now.”

Michelle Maust

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SpecialtyCare Connect® is a program that connects you with the best possible healthcare specialist for your needs. Don’t trust your health to an online search or spend hours searching for the right doctor. Let SpecialtyCare Connect find the right specialist match for you. There’s no obligation to use the specialists we recommend, and we are not compensated by any physician for recommending them.
We use your diagnosis to identify physicians that have experience and expertise in treating your specific condition or injury. We use cutting-edge data science backed by insights from our world-renowned Clinical Advisory Board to give you at least three physicians to consider. We also verify insurance acceptance, appointment availability, current legal status and convenience of locations.
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